Summer Camp-in-a-Box

Since we can't have Summer Camp this year, we thought we would bring camp to you! Introducing

Summer Camp-in-a-Box! 

Each box includes Science, Math, Health and Nutrition, Growth Mindset and Sports and Fitness activities. Activities are broken down into 4 Modules. You can spread out the activities over 4 weeks, or condense them into several, very busy, days!


Science Lessons are focused on Earth Science topics such as: All About a Planet, Photosynthesis, Animal Life Cycles and Habitats.


Health and Nutrition takes each learner through fun lessons on food groups, healthy snack activities and even includes My Healthy Journal so students can track the positive choices they are making!


Growth Mindset is the concept that our intelligence and abilities can be improved on with effort

and the right strategies. We have included activities to enhance your child's Growth Mindset through positive self talk, exercises to increase focus and building brain power!


Math activities are centered on dice and card games that can be played independently or in pairs! Great for reinforcing math facts, practicing addition, subtraction and multiplication.


Sports and Fitness are focused on activities and exercise using a jump rope, Frisbee and soccer ball. 

Each box includes easy to read instructions for each activity, the material pictured here and additional material designed to engage and inspire your child. 


Each suggested donation covers 2 boxes- one for YOU and one for a family in need. 

*Boxes will be available for pick-up from our office at 140 Maffitt Street, Elkton, starting July 1!

*If you need your box shipped to you, contact us and we will work with you.

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